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Life Insurance Inclusion in India

Life Insurance Inclusion in India

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In recent days, the financial sector addresses much about ‘Financial Inclusion’. Financial inclusion in India is mostly interpreted as banking inclusion, i.e. extending banking facilities to the citizens of India. But, financial inclusion is a broader concept encompassing all forms of financial services such as deposits, credits, insurance, payment and remittances services, etc. So far, most of the researches in the area of financial inclusion have focused only on banking. Insurance is one of the important financial services which provide not only protection but also regular income for the policyholders. A comprehensive Index of Financial Inclusion (IFI) encompassing the different facets of financial services is important for measuring the extent of financial inclusion. This book throws light on the role of Indian life insurance companies in the process of financial inclusion. It also measures the level of Life Insurance Inclusion across different regions and different States & Union Territories. The book will be helpful to the policy makers on financial matters, insurance professionals, academicians, researchers and students in the field of insurance and finance.