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Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer Through Composite System

Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer Through Composite System

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Heat transfer is an important subject for Engineers. Composite structures have considerable practical utility which are made of two or more layers of different materials. Composite structures also uses for wall construction of combustion chamber of a boiler, for gas turbine blades, for walls of I.C. Engines combustion chambers etc. This book covered basics of heat transfer, laws of heat transfer, applications of heat transfer and significance of heat transfer. Developed governing equations for heat conduction. Described methodology for design and fabrication of composite plane wall.Determined heat transfer analysis parameters of composite plane wall such as temperature distribution across the width of wall, thermal resistance, air gap resistance, conductance, heat conducted, heat transfer coefficients and over all heat transfer coefficients and also studied on respective parameters. Finite element methods and computational fluid dynamics discussed on heat transfer phenomenon. Performance characteristics of composite plane wall studied. This book is most useful to students in the area of Mechanical Engineering of B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D.Scholars.