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Tin Sulphide SnS thin films for photovoltaic Applications

Tin Sulphide SnS thin films for photovoltaic Applications

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This study reports the growth of tin sulphide thin films using low cost chemical bath deposition technique. It is so necessary to control the development of thin films. Various analyzes were performed such as: XRD, SEM, EDS, AFM, spectrophotometry and TSC. All these analyzes allowed us to improve the physical properties of SnS thin films for solar cells. In this context, we have elaborated tin sulphide thin films used as an absorber material in photovoltaic devices. For this, different doping such as iron, silver, and gallium as well as annealing in a controlled atmosphere have been made in order to increase the conductivity of these thin films. The doping was carried out during the growth process by adding relative concentration of the aqueous solutions containing Fe2+; Ag2+ and Ga2+ ions. The physical properties were investigated by XRD, AFM, SEM and TSC. It was found later that the doped SnS thin films do not result in the decrease of resistivity. So, other physical characterizations are in progress to optimize thin films properties and particularly the resistivity by means of an appropriate heat treatment under controlled atmosphere.