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Securing EVM by Threshold Multipair Cryptosystem

Securing EVM by Threshold Multipair Cryptosystem

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In the democratic country like India, though there is an abundant development of technology, it is still lacking behind in the election process. The votes casted by the public determine the fate of the country for a particular duration. Due to ballot design or the mistake of unintentional voter, may lead to foul votes. Unreliable results can also be produced by this scheme. Due to the problems created by the manual machine, Electronic voting machine currently came to process. But the design of EVM provides some loop holes which threatens the security of the votes. To avoid the above mentioned problem, our thesis challenges the security of the votes casted by the public. Our thesis focuses on two points. One is to provide security and the other is to provide backup storage for post checking, if at all any problem arises. This facility is provided by using cryptography where two public keys are used for encryption and one private key for decryption. Backup storage acts as a remote server which preserves the votes. This storage is used for the purpose of rechecking and confirmation. Hence, our thesis provides solution for the security problems of the votes in EVM.