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Development of Pathway-based Method for Analysis of Metabolic Network

Development of Pathway-based Method for Analysis of Metabolic Network

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The major human diseases like as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and cancer are involved in failure of human metabolic systems. Therefore, metabolism is an important biological process, but these are complex and highly interconnected each other’s. The challenge becomes how to integrate this data to maximize the amount of useful biological information that can be extracted. A serious problem of pathway-based analysis is that the computational time increases exponentially with an increase in network sizes, which makes the computation of the all pathway expensive and impracticable for large- or genome-scale networks. To address such aforementioned problem, we developed a pathway-based analysis complementary elementary mode, exposed a new window for a large-scale metabolic network, greatly reducing the computational time and memory cost. This book greatly attracts a broad range of scientists who are interested in systems biotechnology, synthetic biology, and bioinformatics, because it provides a method critically useful for analysis of a large-scale metabolic network map.