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Rangeeni lac Production on Palas (Butea monosperma)

Rangeeni lac Production on Palas (Butea monosperma)

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Sap feeder from a major group of insects of the order hemptera cause severe damage to plants. Plant growth to a major extend depend on the nutrients availability. Micronutrients play a vital role in the growth of the plants, especially Zinc and Boron.Survival of sap feeder depends on food supply. Lac insect, Kerria lacca (Ker) is also a phloem feeder belong to order- Hemiptera, suborder- Homoptera, super family Coccoidea and family Lacciferidae.Madhya Pradesh is third largest producer of lac in India. Higher productivity and sustainable health of the host trees of K. lacca is critical, that has never before focussed. Therefore,the present book entitled Rangeeni lac production on Palas (Butea Monosperma) written with complete background information, Methodology, Results and Discussion, conclusion and suggestion for further work.