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URL Filtering in BroadBand Access Technologies (URL-FiBat)

URL Filtering in BroadBand Access Technologies (URL-FiBat)

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Information and communication technology has always fascinated me and this interest was the main reason behind my decision to opt for a degree in software engineering. During the course of my studies my interest grew towards the security of these systems, leading me to choose for specialization in security. I made a decision to undertake courses that will broaden my knowledge in system security and therefore enrolled in Network Security, Digital Forensics, Cryptography and System incident handling courses. After taking courses of my degree, self study and team projects, I gained a deeper and valuable knowledge of system security and decided to take my final year project on URL filtering in broadband access technologies. The project focused on the content based filtering of websites. A novel method was introduced to block a specific text based content of the webpage instead blocking full website, in addition to this an additional feature to filter out URLs based on server policy was implemented. This book is the publication of My work along with my team members Sana Fatima and Saad Abdullah who pro-actively helped me and co operated with me to complete this work.