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Gender Discrepancies in Community Home Based Care: A Case of Bulawayo

Gender Discrepancies in Community Home Based Care: A Case of Bulawayo

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Bulawayo is at the heart of AIDS pandemic, with HIV prevalence figures consistently higher than other provinces in Zimbabwe, currently standing at 11,6 %. The purpose of this study was to explore and discuss gender discrepancies in HIV and AIDS community home based care programme in Entumbane’ CHBC in Bulawayo. The study also discussed the experiences of PLWHA who are on CHBC and developed practical guidelines for the implementation of quality home care in Entumbane community. In-depth interviews and focus group discussions were utilized to seek information from the knowledgeable individuals regarding their own and other people’s experiences, who are beneficiaries of Entumbane CHBC and also those involved in many other ways. A purposive sample of ninety participants from Entumbane community was purposefully selected for the study.The aspect of CHBC is discussed, for the role it is playing as well as the contribution it is making, albeit, in a limited manner because of resources, expertise and support from formal authority structures. In presentation, analysis and interpretations of data it is clear picture that reflects gender discrepancies in the Entumbane CHBC.