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Yellow Pages And Cloud

Yellow Pages And Cloud

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Yellow Pages have been a very famous and successful source of advertisement for any business for a long time but with the boom of internet, yellow pages have shifted to internet. People have developed online business systems and advertisement portals to fulfill the needs of people. There are a number of systems and portals which provide free of cost services to a variety of users of different regions. Most of these portals are working very efficiently but these portals and websites are customized according to their own regions and countries requirements. Secondly, they are not taking the full benefits of available resources and hence not able to target the class of non-technical people, those who do not know how to use the internet. This class of non-technical and computer illiterate people can be reached in another way that is SMS because, most of time the people of this class somehow know how to send and receive the SMS in their local language. Other people can be served via cloud based solution where they can use smart phone applications or browsers. “Yellow Pages And Cloud" provides with the best solution to target the audience within the available resources in the deve