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Study of Ambulatory ECG and identification of motion artifact

Study of Ambulatory ECG and identification of motion artifact

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In this book, a brief introduction to the ambulation study of the ECG in a wearable device(WD) is provided.Among many methods can be used for AECG signal analysis and identification of motion artifacts like detection of QRS complex using a modified derivative based approach.We have also derived modified QRS detection method to identify R peak in ECG signal successfully. We have presented an offline analysis of the RPCA-based algorithm for detecting the motion artifact’s episodes appearing in an ECG signal. In the process, we have verified that the RPCA error magnitude is significantly greater for the noisy episodes as compared to the clean ECG signal portions. We used 25 data-sets from Physionet website and also used recorded AECG of five person of different physical activity for AECG analysis. We used wavelet for AECG signal denoising. And then finally ICA, technique used for removal of motion artifacts of synthesized ECG data of MIT-BIH and of AECG signals.