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Sustainable control of invasive plants

Sustainable control of invasive plants

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Nature Conservation becomes more and more a problem that needs everybody’s attention. The demographic explosion, unequal achievement and distribution of wealth, pollution and political neglect together with economic underdevelopment of large areas of our planet, conduct to stringent needs, among them an important role comes to Control of Invasive Plants. Governmental grants for an integrated R&D Pilot Plant with four factories and two laboratories where biotechnology students bring to real life research projects which add value to alien weeds and invasive plants, by using mostly unconventional technologies and innovative methods, makes this initiative to be unique in South Africa and in the world. Among the results of the developed projects during the past sixteen years are natural pesticides, soil development products – MEOF, plant growth regulators, natural/herbal medicines, biodiesel/biofuel and other new products. [http://www.syringabioscience.net] The book shows an inclusive co-transformational value-adding approach, to promote a unique and strong advocacy for new discoveries by screening opportunities based on botanical material offered by invasive plant species.