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Corporate Cash Management: A Study on selected Indian Companies

Corporate Cash Management: A Study on selected Indian Companies

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This book is on Corporate Cash Management.Cash Management plays a decent role in evaluating the liquidity position of any business organisation. Generally, financial statement provides a summarized view of the financial position and operations of business organization and therefore, much can be learnt about the organization from the in-depth analysis of its financial statements.Cash Management is highly essential not only to the management for financial planning and control but also to the outsiders or interested external parties like the investors, creditors, customers etc.of big as well as small organisation,in their decision making process.In this book we considered different organizations like IT, Consumer Durable, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Retail, where cash management occupy very vital place in the total management system.The book is consists of seven chapters.First one is the introduction.Second chapter describes the companies.Third chapter highlights the cash management aspects.The fourth chapter deals with the concept of CCC. The impact of Cash Holdings is presented in chapter five.Chapter six highlights the credit worthiness.Chapter seven narrate conclusion.