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Genetic architecture of dual purpose pigeonpea

Genetic architecture of dual purpose pigeonpea

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The present investigation was undertaken with a view to know the extent of heterosis, combining ability, G x E interactions and stability parameters for dual purpose pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.]. The hybrids were developed by adopting complete diallel mating design involving a set of 36 pigeonpea entries including six parents, 30 crosses and two parental inbred-lines viz., vegetable purpose released variety GT-1 and grain purpose released variety Vaishali as checks in randomized block design with three replications at Bharuch, Hansot and Navsari during kharif - 2014. On the basis of per se performance, heterosis, combining ability estimates and stability involved in the expression of yield and its components, the parent AVPP-1 and the hybrid AVPP-1 x GT-1 (G x A) was identified as superior for future breeding programme.