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Global health and public international law

Global health and public international law

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Access to public health combined with health inequality are growing concerns impacting the implementation of social justice and distributive equity in most developing States. The text unveils the importance of developing policies and practices that could assist in responding to the challenges of the globally capitalized trends in systems of public health. Such trends are analyzed in relation to their effects on principles of affordability, accessibility and the availability of public health services in the context of a developing State. The principles are vital to policy makers in Governments or United Nations Agencies. The text also examines whether human right treaties are reactive and effective in addressing the causes and consequences of health inequalities. Related to the above, the text examines whether human Rights-based approaches are addressing the problems of health equality in developing regions.The discussion comes to the climax with observations and recommendations that can comprise possible solutions in aspiring for health equality and distributive justice in the context of developing economies.