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Perspectives of Hydroelectric Power Generation in Republika Srpska

Perspectives of Hydroelectric Power Generation in Republika Srpska

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Due to its natural characteristics (developed relief, relatively abundant precipitation, fairly developed hydrographic network), Republika Srpska is considered rich in hydropower potential. The total usable hydropower potential in Republika Srpska equals 3,126 MW of installed capacity and 10,740 GWh/year of average annual power generation. Considering that the current annual production equals 3,040.6 GWh/year, Republika Srpska is presently using approximately 28% of its hydropower potential. Utilization of water flow energy for electricity production in Republika Srpska has begun 117 years ago. Present-day production of hydropower energy in Republika Srpska amounts to between 40 and 50 percent of the total electric energy production. In comparison with the industrially developed European countries, Republika Srpska has a small utilization percentage of its hydropower potential. This is especially true in the case of small-power potential utilization. In recent period a number of small hydropower plants have been built in Republika Srpska. However, it is just a minute share of power compared to the total hydropower potential available in Republika Srpska.