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A case study on Maths Dance

A case study on Maths Dance

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Maths Dance promotes the connection of mathematics and dance through a holistic educational scheme, where all learning areas are linked and taught together. During the Maths Dance activities, mathematics and dance are used together to enrich and support the learning of curriculum maths through building up maths-inspired choreographies. By exploring students’ and teaching staff’s perceptions, this study investigated the impact of Maths Dance on students’ different developmental domains. Based on a qualitative research approach, the data were analysed in relation to the theories of constructivism, Dienes’s theory of learning mathematics, Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences and educational neuroscience. Students and teachers were interviewed and observed during Maths Dance sessions in different school settings in London. According to the main findings, both students and teachers expressed positive attitudes regarding most aspects of the research questions; in particular, Maths Dance was found to improve students’ maths skills, critical thinking and creativity, as well as enhance student motivation, socio-emotional and motor skills.