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Organosilicon and Organotin Derivatives

Organosilicon and Organotin Derivatives

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This book consists of two parts. Part A contains the synthesis and 1,1-organoboration of various alkynylsilanes and part B includes the synthesis of organotin carboxylates. Silanes ClMe2SiCCR/ClMeHSiCCR[1-4],HCl2SiCCR[5,6],HMe2SiCCR[7],symmetrically substituted di-alkynyl silanes Me2Si(CCR)2/MeHSi(CCR)2[8,9],unsymmetrically substituted di-alkynyl silanes Me2Si(CCR)2/MeHSi (CCR)2 [10,13], Cl2HSiCCR[14], ClHSi(CCR)[15],ClHSi(CCRR1)(CCR1)[17,18],trialkyl silanes HSi(CCR)3[16], unsymmetrically substituted trialkynyl silanes HSi(CCR)(CCR1)[19,20],silanes with tri and dichloro Cl3SiCCR[21],Cl2Si(CCR)2[22] were prepared and treated with BEt3.The final products of 1,1-ethylboration were alkenes[23a, b,24b,25a,b,26b,28a,29b,30b,31a,b and 67].Azoles [69,70] were prepared for synthesis of heterocyclic compounds [71-82].In part B, organotin (IV) derivatives, R2SnL2 and R3SnL where R= Me, Bu, Oct, Ph and Bz have been synthesized by acids HL1-HL10.The structures have been proposed by spectroscopic and crystallographic results.These complexes were tested against bacteria and fungi. LD50 data were also calculated. Insecticidal and antileishmanial activity was performed for selective complexes.