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Hybrid Process: Modeling & Simulation using MATLAB

Hybrid Process: Modeling & Simulation using MATLAB

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This book is intended to give an insight into Hybrid Process (Pervaporation +Distillation). While the technical advances and efficiency improvements in specific unit operations are occurring all the time, the big story is the hybridization of the processes. Combining individual unit operations, such as reaction, separation, heat exchanger into larger concurrent operations will be a major trend in the upcoming years. This hybrid process exploits the advantages of pervaporation and distillation, while the negative aspects are minimized. Hybrid processes like combination of distillation and pervaporation are very promising especially in cases, where high product purities are required. Hybrid systems of different types reduce energy expenditures, make separations that are otherwise difficult, and improve the degree of separation. More recently, the hybrid processes integrating pervaporation with other variable liquid separating technologies and processes are gaining momentum. With these developments, we have more reasons to believe that hybrid processes will play even more important roles in the future.