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The Effect of School Dropout on the Lives of the Youth

The Effect of School Dropout on the Lives of the Youth

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Empowering the youth through education is exceptionally worthwhile as education is a strategic investment in human resource with high social returns and acts as a facilitator in almost every aspect of development. Education has become one of the key development objectives in recent times. Therefore, school dropout is a social canker that many governments seek to redeem. Most government policies in Ghana including Free and Compulsory Basic Education, Capitation Grants, School Feeding Programme and other policies have been instituted for nationwide benefits. Despite all these measures, the foundation of school dropout is enlarging. This book, therefore, examines the causes, effects and the measures that can be put in place to mitigate the problems associated with school dropout on the lives of the youth. This will go a long way to inform parents, the local authorities as well as the governments all over the world about the reasons why some children drop out of school and the possible threat ahead of time. Therefore, this will enable the major stakeholders of education to avoid the negative repercussions of school dropout and by so doing would positively affect the lives of the youth.