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Lasers in the field of Dentistry

Lasers in the field of Dentistry

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The word laser conjures in the minds eye many aspects of what might be described as “modern life”. The words “powerful”, “precise” & “innovative” complement our conception of the world in terms of technology, whereas patients often associate the words “magical” & “lightening quick” with the use of lasers in dental practice. In dentistry, lasers can be used to clean cavities & root canals, make incisions during gum surgeries, seal enamel fissures, diagnose hidden cavities, treat hypersensitive teeth & harden composite materials. Laser advantages such as bloodless operative & postoperative course, no suturing usually required, minimal to absent postoperative pain, & high patient acceptance help make lasers a highly advantageous alternative to conventional treatment modalities such as scalpel or electrosurgery