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The Kingdom Children

The Kingdom Children

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In spite of the world-wide corruption and wickedness, the Lord is gathering His children to Himself. This book unveils the awesome reality of whom the Father is gathering as His own and preparing for the final battle which will arise against the lights of the Kingdom of God, whom He has purged with His word and armored with Love. This piece also contains the scenes when Christ was weeping- not just once but twice in two different chapters. If our Lord should be crying because many of us aren't going to make heaven, aren't we then to prepare? If we really are His people, we have to get our facts straight and go for the real walk with Christ. He is always ready even when we aren't ready! There are also several ways for which one could discover the Father heart of God but the most which I have experienced is getting "intimate with His person". All the encounters and words written here are the results of the moments We met to talk to each other. He shared His heart with me and I confess that it's the desire of His heart to have His children know Him deeply. So, is your fellowship with Jesus growing or dying?