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The Authentic Human Person: Anthropology of Vincent Pallotti

The Authentic Human Person: Anthropology of Vincent Pallotti

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The Anthropology of Vincent Pallotti, an integral humanism, presents the human person as the crown of creation, possessing an exalted nature among the created entities of the world. His unique status in the created world, his freedom of choice and the ability to be the image of the divine on earth places on him the obligation to play a key role in the further development of the created world. Despite his failure to live up to this ideal, the human person can enter into authentic relationship with the divine and other humans. By opening himself to these twofold authentic relationships the human person can become the steward of creation, thereby fulfill the tasks of being the caretaker of the cosmos, the other human persons and the divine presence in the cosmos. In this manner, the human person, as the steward of creation spends his life in the service of others and manifest divine glory through his life on earth.