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Multi-Layered 3D Modeling

Multi-Layered 3D Modeling

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Three-Dimensional (3D) modeling, the ability to model and visualize the volumetric objects, is an interesting research topic in Computer Vision and Graphics communities because of its vast number of applications such as: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Three-Dimensional Television (3DTV), and Virtual Reality (VR). The 3D modeling has been explored and extended in many ways to produce accurate, editable, interactive and realistic 3D models. One category of 3D modeling approaches is solid 3D modeling that focuses to create editable and interactive 3D models. Another category is called surface 3D modeling that focuses on creating the realistic 3D models by mapping the texture of the captured real scene on the created 3D model. In this book, we present a 3D modeling approach able to manipulate the captured surface 3D models. We call the proposed approach Multi-Layered 3D Modeling because it stacks layers of objects one behind another to create the 3D model. The proposed approach links the solid and surface 3D modeling approaches by adding two new components of Layered Segmentation and Layer Manipulation to the components of a surface 3D modeling.