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Hybrid Location Based Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

Hybrid Location Based Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

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This book is concerned with the development and analysis of new hybrid location-based routing protocols for ad-hoc wireless networks. A feature that permeates throughout this work is the use of all available location information within the network in order to minimize the routing overhead. Such minimization leads to an enhanced scalability performance for the network. I have proposed a new Hybrid Location based Ad-hoc Routing protocol (HLAR) which is designed specifically with optimal scalability performance in mind. Through detailed analysis and detailed Monte Carlo simulations we investigate the scalability of the HLAR protocol within different environments and different target applications. A particular focus is the use of HLAR within the Vehicular ad hoc Network (VANET) environment. We demonstrate how HLAR is the ideal routing protocol for emerging VANET systems in that it produces effectively optimal scalability over a wide range of the anticipated environment variables.