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Introduction to Conflict Management: A Guide to Beginners

Introduction to Conflict Management: A Guide to Beginners

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This handbook attempts to give beginners in ‘Conflict Management and Peace Studies’ a simplistic insight into the discipline. As one reads it, one should always bear in mind that conflict is a real life phenomenon which is generally inevitable in nature. It is of paramount importance to appreciate that knowledge acquired from reading this handbook should help individuals in different contexts; for example, as family members, community members, members of an organization and so on, particularly in the management and transformation of conflict and peace building. Thus, this book is essentially meant for students and practitioners in different disciplines including Social Sciences and Humanities. The authors anticipate that the handbook will provide students with fundamental knowledge in conflict including its nature, management and transformation. In addition, it is expected that the book will prepare learners for further studies in this area. It should, however, be noted that this handbook is not a full introductory manual regarding conflict management and peace building, hence, students and other users are advised to consult other sources for more related information.