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The Experience to Abate Air Pollution

The Experience to Abate Air Pollution

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For the past three decades, fast industrialization in China has produced great social and economic development but has caused serious environmental problems. Increasingly serious air pollution damages long term economic growth and hazards to public health. The air pollution had been bothered the Western countries before during the middle of last century. But after decades’ efforts, the air quality had improved a lot and had no longer been a serious environmental problem. From both practical experiences and the theories of Environmental Kuznets Curve and Path Dependence, we could see that: the air pollution may happen along with industrial development, but the pollution abatement can be achieved without hindering higher productivity and economic growth. Drawn from the past pollution abatement experiences in the West, the strong and scentific legislation, technological development and institutional transition had successfully helped the Western countries get rid of the adverse pollution lock-in system and enter into an environmental friendly society. There are many experiences that are worthy for China to learn to solve the similar environmental problem and reduce emissions.