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Biochemical Evaluation Of Myopathy In Patients Of Hypothyroidism

Biochemical Evaluation Of Myopathy In Patients Of Hypothyroidism

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Hypothyroidism is one of the most commonly occurring thyroid disorders worldwide. Skeletal muscle is a major target organ of thyroid hormone and normal levels of thyroid hormone are required to maintain the normal function and cellular integrity of skeletal muscles. Muscle involvement in hypothyroidism is common with 30-80% of hypothyroid patients presenting with muscular symptoms varying from myalgia to true myopathy. Despite intense research myopathy in hypothyroidism remained enigmatic till recent times, however it is an important cause of morbidity in majority of hypothyroid patients.There is recognition of a pattern of elevations of serum muscle enzymes in hypothyroidism with enzymes like CK, LDH & Aminotransferases often elevated because of associated myopathy.Our study concluded that the significant elevation of serum CK, LDH and SGOT activities indicate muscle involvement in hypothyroidism and these enzymes assays can be used for screening and early diagnosis of underlying myopathy in hypothyroid patients. Also these enzymes (CK, CKMB, LDH & SGOT/AST) along with the T3, T4 & TSH may be used to detect the severity of hypothyroidism.