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Evaluation of Concrete Quality by NDT- Three Case Studies

Evaluation of Concrete Quality by NDT- Three Case Studies

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The concrete evaluation is necessary for the proper diagnosis of successful rehabilitation work. The book present case studies include the use of various Non Destructive Test (NDT), to evaluate the concrete quality of buildings and water tank structure. NDT used such as Ultrasonic pulse velocity, Half cell potential, carbonation depth, Rebar locator, Cover meter and Core sampling. Initially, the structure deteriorates due to cyclic temperature variations, physical causes and aggressive chemical attack due to the environment. Later on, if not paid due attention, these deteriorate rapidly and fail to meet the functional requirement for its designed service life. The building structure can be investigated by using a visual observation, Non Destructive evaluation technique (NDE) and laboratory and field test performing scientific analysis, planning and documentation is more useful for classification and category of distress. The research project also focus on standard testing procedure of NDT and sequence of operation for obtaining accuracy as well as the problems created during the testing and also limitation of the tests are considered.