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Human Rights Of Prisoners In A.P: A Study

Human Rights Of Prisoners In A.P: A Study

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The concept of Human Rights has arisen from that of natural rights of all human beings. The belief that every person by virtue of his humanity is entitled to certain natural rights is a returning them throughout the history of mankind. It can be traced back thousands of years from the Hammurabi Code to the Magna Carta, the French Declaration of Human Rights and the American Bill of Rights. The underlying idea of such rights - fundamental principles that should be respected in the treatment of all men, women and children - exists in some form in all cultures and societies. The contemporary International statement of those rights is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The responsibility of governments is to protect the human rights proclaimed by the declaration. Under the provisions of Civil and Political Rights, all governments are to protect the life, liberty and security of their citizens. They should guarantee that no-one is enslaved and that no-one is subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention or to torture. The rights such as freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and to freedom of expression are to be considered as Human Rights.