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Democracy, Justice and Human Rights

Democracy, Justice and Human Rights

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The book Democracy, Justice and Human Rights: Studies of Critical Theory and Social Philosophy of Law, includes the latest of essays concerning challenges faced by democracy today. Contemporary philosophical and sociological issues are approached by means of an essay format to project a global perspective of modern-day social dilemmas and, therefore, engage the reader in a historical diagnostic process of our times. In line with The Institute for Social Research – Frankfurt, Germany, it subscribes to the latest philosophical interpretations of world reality and, thus, a must-read in coming to grips with the current state of justice, human rights and great democratic challenges. A pleasant read, addressing a diverse array of themes, such as cities, labor, education, formation, economic crises, democracy, individualism, consumerism and the radicalization of democracy, this book becomes an up-to-date means of investigation for advanced studies of the Philosophy of Law, the Theory of Law, the Sociology of Law and Political Philosophy. The book is an invitation to reflect in preparation for the practice of justice, updating and strengthening critical thought.