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Creative Branding Design For Padang City

Creative Branding Design For Padang City

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City branding is a process of making a brand of a city in order to make it easier to the city owner to promote their city to targeted market (e.g. investors, tourists, talent, and event) using positioning script, slogan, icon, exhibition, and any other media. Branding is the process of building up identity (brand identity) resulting a perception (Brand Image) This book designs will talk more about Padang as the capital city of West Sumatera province, not only the city of beautiful and comfortable beach but also the main gate of west beach tourism of Sumatera. Assets that owned by Padang are can be competed to other tourism city outside. City Branding seems to be a great magnitude to develop the city as well as the investment, investor and currency exchange that is applied in design. Beside, city branding can give a chance for the government and citizen to work together to protect and develop local culture. To realize it, the communicative and elements fulfillment in design City Branding design is needed.