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English through Science and Technology

English through Science and Technology

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Before independence, Cameroon was administered by two colonial powers - Britain and France under the United Nations Trusteeship Agreement. West Cameroon was administered by Britain, making English the official language in former West Cameroon, while East Cameroon, which was administered by France, embraced French as the official language. In 1961, West and East Cameroon re-united.The two languages emerged and were adopted as official languages having equal status. The University of Dschang created by Decree No 93/026 of 19/1/1993 building on the former foundation of the University Centre has five faculties. The teaching of the English language in the Faculty of Science with its Institute of Technology is the issue. It has been an old practice to teach English to Francophones in the Faculty of Science and the University Institute of Technology.The course is popularly known as'Formation Bilingue',ignoring the English expression- a reflection of the interference of French on English.This work evaluates the English taught in order to contextualize it in the area of English for Science and Technology and suggest remedial strategies.