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Managing projects during national crises

Managing projects during national crises

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Modern project management (PM) is a highly regarded approach for delivering successful projects. However, despite applying PM principles, the success rate in projects is still below the expectations. The research for project success goes in many sub-areas of interest such as the financial side of project success or human resource side. The research in each area of interest reveals good results to fill knowledge gap. So, this book explores project success with interest on project context; in particular, national crises as a context for PM. National crises (NCs), such as wars, natural disasters and economic crises are increasing in number, frequency and severity worldwide. These crises are unique contexts and they induce the emergence of new dynamics and abnormal challenges that affect projects. Seeking project success in such contexts is different from seeking it in peaceful situations. This book tries to provide strategies and ideas for project success during NCs based on an extensive research during the author’s PhD. By studying many projects managed during national crises worldwide the author provides reasons for failure as well as tactics for success in such a context.