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Nonlinear dynamics in quantum dot light emitting diode

Nonlinear dynamics in quantum dot light emitting diode

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In this work, the complex dynamics of semiconductor quantum dot light emitting diode (QD-LED) without external perturbation and under direct current modulation (DCM), optoelectronic feedback (OEFB) and external optically filtering feedback (OFF) was studied. Through our understanding of mechanisms for the controlled generation of chaos in QD-LEDs, we are applied it in communication systems. In this work QD-LED was modeled in a dimensionless rate equations system where it is not done earlier. We modeled the appearance of scenario in QD-LED under different parameters. The proposed dimensionless model exhibits chaotic behavior. Furthermore, it is also able to reproduce mixed mode oscillations and stability states regimes. The bifurcation diagram of capture rate shows more control of the system dynamics