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Mbororo, invasion of a nation

Mbororo, invasion of a nation

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My compatriots, especially those who dwell in the eastern part of DRC, undergo the aggression of foreign negative forces such as Mbororo, LRA, FDLR or ADF - NALU. Let’s bring far their cry beyond our borders for a suitable and honourable solution in their favour. Let’s carry on the roof murmurs, complaints or distress of our fellow-men to rebuild and restore hope in their hearts by proposing a responsible behaviour from everyone to reinstate peace in the country. The value of a country is in freedom , peace and welfare. Because peace without bread is senseless. No peace without freedom, respect for individual rights, work, living wages, a free election around a frank talk. A nation is an administrative entity whose boundaries can never be spoiled. No one has the power to sell one patch of the land regardless of his/her social position.