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Recent Concepts of Odontogenesis with Applied Aspects

Recent Concepts of Odontogenesis with Applied Aspects

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Odontogenesis is a highly co-ordinated and complex process which relies upon cell to cell interaction that results in the initiation and generation of the tooth. The gross histological processes are well documented; the mechanisms that are involved at a molecular level are only now beginning to be elucidated due to the revolution in molecular biological techniques that has occurred over the last decade. During the development, tooth germs exhibit many morphological and molecular similarities with other developing epithelial appendages, such as hair follicles, salivary glands, lungs, kidneys, etc. The developing tooth germ, which is an experimentally accessible model for organogenesis, provides a powerful tool for elucidating the molecular mechanisms that control the development of these organs. The anomalies that occur during odontogenesis can throw light on a number of underlying conditions that includes genetic abnormalities, nutritional disturbances, environmental alterations, infections and many more. This book reviews about proper understanding of the various mechanisms of odontogenesis and their anomalies.