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Assessing Performance Measurement in Young Adult Ministry

Assessing Performance Measurement in Young Adult Ministry

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Performance measurement of Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) has always been a contentious issue. Some say it is not possible to measure faith as it is the work of God. Others say that all things are measureable, even the work of FBOs. This book is the outcome of a research study which examines both viewpoints. It examines one dimension of FBOs – Young Adult Ministry (YAM), and it answers the question ‘what are the barriers to measuring the impact of YAM and (how) can they be overcome?’ The research draws an important distinction between FBOs that are faith intended and ones that are faith inspired, i.e. the former has a mission to promote faith, while the latter draws the inspiration for its activities from faith. Both are still classified as FBOs. The research concludes that there are barriers to measuring FBOs, but the barriers can be overcome. The research suggests some practical tools to achieve this.