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Perspectives of Management

Perspectives of Management

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Management in India is a rapidly growing discipline. The current economic changes and developing corporate world, have unleashed high demand for professional management education. Today, Management of an enterprise whether in agricultural sector or in industrial sector or in service sector requires innovative knowledge and creative skill. Very few are born managers, but many good managers are actually made. The real success of management lies in applying the professional managerial techniques in all organizational activities. Success in management hinges on thorough understanding of the perspectives of management which are discussed in this book. This book provides the principles, techniques and practices of management. Formal education and management programmes have utilized a variety of teaching and learning techniques, seminars, group discussions, role plays and case studies. The present book is written for the students of Commerce, management, Computer Science, Engineering, Pharmacy and for other professional courses who are going to lead the organizations successfully in the managerial cadre in future.