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Pressure Effect on Iron Based Superconducting Materials

Pressure Effect on Iron Based Superconducting Materials

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In condensed matter physics, there is still an enough space for the peculiar interest on high Tc superconductors, which may bring to another Nobel Prize for the 25 years question of “what cause to holds the cooper pair together in high Tc superconductors or a clear understanding of how they work at high temperatures are still in progress. The publication of more than 1,50,000 refereed papers on this topic, there is still no acceptable explanation and indeed, there has been no increase in Tc from 160 K for the last 25 years. One of the most important goals in the field of superconductivity is to recognize the properties favorable for pushing Tc to ever higher values (> 300 K) by tuning of reasonable factors such as temperature, pressure, chemical doping or internal pressure and magnetic field for applications. Therefore, the major objective of this book work is just would give few ideas about an importance of external pressure over the recent Fe based superconducting materials. I hope it would be very helpful for those who are working in superconducting materials and thus enable Scientist’s to find an unknown scenario in superconductivity.