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Galtung and Ruge Revisited: News Values in Greece

Galtung and Ruge Revisited: News Values in Greece

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This book aims to shed light on the news selection process in online journalism by examining the news values currently operational in Greek online publications. This book takes as its starting point Galtung and Ruge’s widely cited taxonomy of news values, established in their 1965 pivotal study, and puts their proposed twelve factors that determine newsworthiness to the test, in an empirical and content analysis of news stories published in three leading Greek news websites. A review of Galtung and Ruge’s original study as well as a wider review of related literature is provided. The findings of the news content analysis are used to evaluate critically and assess Galtung and Ruge’s original news criteria and propose a contemporary set of news values, which can be applied to online journalism in general and in Greek journalistic landscape in particular.