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Optimum Design of Trunk Mains Network Using GIS and Support Programs

Optimum Design of Trunk Mains Network Using GIS and Support Programs

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Sewerage pipeline networks is one of the essential infrastructures of the modern cities and it is very important in serving all people in their houses, factories, hospitals, schools and many other vital utility activities by getting rid of unwanted waste water and water environment prevention. One of the most important parts of Sewer Network system design is the Trunck mains Pipes that connect Sewer Pump stations together and transport the waste water to the Treatment Plants efficiently and economically. Economical aspects play an important role herein, the cost of big diameter pipes, the cost of excavations, the length needed to transport the waste water, and depth of pipes under the ground surface levels, all and each one of them has to be minimized via a suitable optimization function that surely minimize the total cost of the system, in addition to suitable and efficient methods for choosing pump stations locations that may be subjected to many constrains, including economical, environmental, geological and municipal. These factors were considered in this book to give a suitable methods for analysis and design of trunck mains sewer system and pump stations locations.