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Few New Testament Studies: An Orthodox Apology

Few New Testament Studies: An Orthodox Apology

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This six New Testament studies splited into two main categories, bears an independent orthodox identity, as the author legitimised them. In this order, the first study deals with the main theories regarding the authenticity / pseudoepigraphic of "2 Peter" epistle. I brought into discussion new perspectives which concernes the authenticity of the letter. The second study wants to be an orthodox apology with respect to one of the most controversed verse of the New Testament (John 20, 23). I emphasized the indicative present form of the verb "afientai" which is to be found in the majority of the New Testament manuscripts, preponderance of Church Fathers and also in some critical Greek New Testament editions, sustaining through my research one of the most essential dogma of the traditional Church: sacerdotalism. The third study, tries to identify the pauline background of the christological hymn of Philippians 2: 5-11, highlighting the cultural hellenistic-judaism education of Saint Paul. The last studies tries to offer a new and proper orthodox hermeneutical prospects, using patristic tradition criterias and latest research summaries.