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Glimpse of Floral Diversity

Glimpse of Floral Diversity

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The Book Glimpse of Floral Diversity aimed to explore the glory of the flowers of varied colour, size, shape etc from varied sources among all the flower loving peoples, gardeners etc from central part of Chhattisgarh in Central India.The book includes 100 flowering plant species of various sources such as wild, cultivated plants, garden plants etc which are producing flowers in their life. It will be helpful for generation of interest and knowledge on the different flowers among not only Indian society but also over the world. The current book also focusing on the parts of the plants which can be used as a source of plant propagules found to be useful to regenerate certain plant species. All recorded flower producing plants digital images were taken by me and arrangement made following their Botanical Name, Common Name, Family, Habit, Propagation and Brief description individually. The present book will perform their significant role among the gardeners/ Students/ researchers/plant conservators and all the flower loving peoples to select which one plants can be selected for plantation/cultivation in the field or other sites in homes or in institutional areas.