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Kazakh Republic and Asian-Pacific Region

Kazakh Republic and Asian-Pacific Region

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Kazakh Republic is one of the richest countries of the world reserves of oil, gas, titanium, magnesium, tin, uranium, gold and other nonferrous metals. Globally, Kazakh Republic is already the largest producer of tungsten, and he reserves ranked first in the world, the second - on stocks of chrome ore and Phosphate, the fourth - lead and molybdenum, the eighth - for a total iron ore reserves (16.6 billion tons) after Brazil, Australia, Canada, USA, India, Russia and Ukraine.Today it is no secret that the increased interest in Kazakh Republic show the United States and Western European countries as well as Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Japan and China. This is primarily due to the high potential of the republic in the strategic raw materials, especially oil and gas. In Kazakh Republic today known 14 prospective basins located virtually across its territory, where is explored only 160 oil and gas fields and recoverable oil reserves of 2.7 billion tons.