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Magnetotherapy МАDU

Magnetotherapy МАDU

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MADU innovative healing technology belongs to non-invasive quantum-informative medicine. In the last five centuries the Earth’s magnetic field has been reduced by half and in the last century magnetic induction has become rapidly weaker so there is a deficiency in the natural magnetic force. This has had an impact on the whole of mankind and all living beings. MADU therapy is successful because it activates bio-physical processes which in turn activate bio-chemical processes and trigger bio-electrical effects which optimally revivify tissue nourishment. Greatest results are achieved in the regenerative processes of cartilage, bone, blood vessels and most recently positive results have been obtained in the regenerative process of peripheral nerves. The clinical results of MADU treatment show significant IMPROVEMENT. The MADU method is an ecological, comfortable, long-lasting, non-invasive medical procedure for the improvement of tissue regenerative processes. NO SIDE EFFECTS have been observed.