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The pearl of Mesopotamia, Yazidis, unknown and forgotten

The pearl of Mesopotamia, Yazidis, unknown and forgotten

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They follow a faith born in Mesopotamia more than 4,000 years ago. It is rooted in Zoroastrianism but has, over time, blended in elements of Islam and Christianity. Yazidis pray to God three times a day facing the sun and worship his seven angels — the most important of which is Melek Taus, or Peacock angel.They need to hear the Gospel and see the lives of true believers.As non-Arab and non-Muslim Iraqis,persecution of the Yazidi people of Iraq, leading to their expulsion, flight and effectively exile from their ancestral lands in North Iraq, the abduction of Yazidi women and massacres of at least 5,000 Yazidi civilians Yazidis have long been one of the country's most vulnerable minorities in Mesopotamia . Persecution under Saddam Hussein as well as ISIS in Iraq forced thousands of families to flee the country. Germany is home to the largest community abroad, with an estimated 40,000.and about 100,000 scattered around the world.