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Motor Characterization Test Bench

Motor Characterization Test Bench

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Motors constitute 70-80% of the industrial load. Currently the motors being manufactured in Pakistan are highly inefficient and contribute to significant power losses in electrical grid. These in-efficiencies result from the fact that motor manufacturers in Pakistan have no mechanism in place to test the efficiency characteristics of the manufactured machines as well as to design the control system to operate them at their optimal efficiency. Without performance characterization of motors, motor manufacturers cannot comply with IEC (European) and NEMA (American) standards; as a result, they cannot export their products to Europe and America. Hence the motivation behind our project, ‘Motor Characterization Test Bench’, is to provide the manufacturers with a Hardware-in-loop (HIL) based platform to completely characterize the motors against the international standards, as well as to provide an R&D facility for the development of efficient control systems for the motor; hence targeting both the industry and academia as the potential customer of this product.