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Buzzsaw Joint. Diddy Wah. Cut 1 (LP)

Код товара: 140072260

Sonny And Premiers - Flirtin'

Billy Garner - Little School Girl

Bobby December And The Famous Renegades - Invasion

The Canjoes Feat. Joe Louis Johnson - Dance The Boomerang

Dennis And The Menaces - Drumble

The Rumblers - I Don't Need You No More

Eugene Blacknell And His Savonics - Jump Back

Sammy Fitzhugh - I Feel Allright

Gabriel And The Angels - Hey!

Jimmy Beck And His Orchestra - Arabian Blues

Johnny Acey - Please Don't Go (Back To Baltimore)

The Egyptians - Inkster Boogie

Rex Garvin And The Mighty Cravers - Emulsified

Bunker Hill - Red Ridin' Hood And The Wolf

Ray Vernon & The Raymen - Big City After Dark

Lloyd Nolen - Fun Fun