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Around That Time: Horst at Home in Vogue

Around That Time: Horst at Home in Vogue

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Horst P.Horst was Vogue's preeminent fashion photographer in the culturally dynamic 1930s, and continued his prolific contributions to the magazine after he moved from Paris to America at the onset of the Second World War. When Horst's friend Diana Vreeland became Vogue's editor in chief in 1963, she commissioned him to document the interiors created by and for the taste-making figures of the age. Horst's revelatory photographic portfolios were published with lyrical accompanying essays about the homes and their occupants by the famed diplomat and writer Valentine Lawford (Horst's partner in work and in life). Their collaborations resulted in Vogue's Book of Houses, Gardens, People (1968), a landmark publication that chronicles an important chapter in the history of Vogue and remains a collector's item.
Around That Time: Horst at Home in Vogue showcases many of the stories featured in that book, beautifully reproduced from the original transparencies, and includes never-before-seen photographs from those homes and gardens, as well as images from other exciting stories that Horst shot well into the 1980s. This book is a virtual who's who of the twentieth century's icons of style, and it includes notable figures from the worlds of society, fashion, and the arts. Around That Time introduces Horst's groundbreaking and powerfully evocative interiors work to a new generation of design, decorating, and visual-art professionals, academics, and enthusiasts.