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Masters of Photography

Masters of Photography

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A challenge between twelve competitors on eight different topics, to declare the best photographer in Europe: best not only for his/her talent, but also for the ability to express him/herself in many fields of photography. This volume covers the talent show of Sky Arts through the most important snapshots of episodes, backstage happenings, and show images plus essays by the judges explaining the reasons for their choices in declaring the winner. Across each episode, this book discusses each single artist, including their background, view of photography, and dreams, while at the same time it analyzes our knowledge of some of the most important figures in world photography. Not only a contest, but a true journey across the history of photography, techniques, and styles: through the pages of this book, readers can take part in the creation of a photograph beginning with its theme up to its actual realization and the final result. In order to guarantee the greatest level of quality on the part of the participants, the twelve competing photographers were subject to rigorous selection by some of the greatest European experts in the field (a collector, a gallerist, and a photographer). Through their perspective, readers may analyze the critical expertise needed in judging professional photography.